Our Services

Stinky Dog Grooming is a full service, boutique style salon focused on individual service and care. We are locally owned and located in the heart of Downtown Roseburg. With a combined 50 years experience, our team happily offers pampering and quality grooms for all breeds of dogs.

We strive for a safe and low stress environment for your pet, and in doing so we use exercise pens instead of kennels to keep your dog happy and cozy near us. In most cases, all of our quality grooms are done in less than two hours - sometimes extra stinky requires a little extra time.

Now, we know each dog has their own specific needs, which is why each full service includes a bath with a shampoo that works best for your dog. Nails will be carefully trimmed and filed smooth. Anal glands expressed as needed. Faces hand-washed with tearless hypoallergenic facial soap, and of course no dog leaves the salon without freshly brushed teeth.

Not to mention the fluff-dried, brushed-out, de-shedded and detangled parts too.

With the quality full-service groom, your dog will enjoy everything mentioned above along with a full body hair cut styled to your liking.

Nail trims are ALWAYS $10.
Any breed. Any size. $10.

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